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The Curse of Cuddles McGee

The Curse of Cuddles McGee
ISBN: 1416964509 | Aladdin Books
Ages 8-12 | 272 pages

The Curse of Cuddles McGee

While poking around their neighborhood, mystery-solving, swamp monster-fighting middle-graders Arlie and Ty find a buried can filled with the bones of a hamster and this handwritten curse:

“Here lies Cuddles McGee. A curse upon those who disturb his grave.”

The fact that the curse is written on hearts-and-unicorns stationery doesn’t make them any less scared, especially when the obese, angry, and undead Cuddles comes back to life and starts trashing the town.

Once again, it’s up to Arlie, Ty, and Mr. Boots — the formerly fashionable Chihuahua, to save the town from destruction, reanimated dead hamster-style.

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